The courage to pursue


As Handle continues to grow strength to strength we are constantly learning about the realities of a growing business. One of the attributes I am still growing in is Courage. Having the courage to step out and build something for your own, the courage to sit in the same room with legends of the industry discussing ways in-which we can improve and the courage to continue pushing for direction and growth.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them - Walt Disney

Business and courage go hand in hand and as we grow at Handle we celebrate the 'little wins'.

Celebrating the little wins in life can also make a big difference - helping us to change our perspective and focus on the things in life that are nurturing and satisfying.

It also helps us realise that the ‘big wins’ that we break our backs to achieve may not necessarily be as daunting as we initially thought and make us appreciate them that much more.

Recently we have been producing some really fantastic work with some great companies, and as of last Friday afternoon have been made finalists in 2017 WSABE Awards (Western Sydney Business Awards for Business Excellence) all of which are wins in my eyes.

  • Finalist - Young Business Executive

  • Finalist - Young Business Entrepreneur

Thank you to all our clients for your support in allowing us to create memorable brands with you all, your success is our success.

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